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PV Modules / Solar Panels

Our Northern California manufacturing facility produces only the highest quality solar panel systems. Our systems have been in use for decades throughout Europe and now the technology is finally available to the US Market at an affordable price.

American Made
Solar Panels

Superior Quality Control

Before any product leaves our manufacturing facility it undergoes multiple levels of quality inspection and run through numerous diagnostic testing procedures. You can be assured that our systems are built to last and provide decades of energy savings to your customers.


Latest Technology

Our company is on the cutting edge of PV technology and provide systems that out produce any on the market. Our systems are built to provide the highest level of energy output and last decades longer than many other systems.


Full Catalog Of PV Systems

We can provide everything you need to ensure your customer has the most affordable, highest output, most technologically advanced system possible. Our warranty ensures that your customers have peace of mind for many decades to come. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.


Manufacturer Direct Solar Panels

Register with American Solar today as a licensed installer or retailer to gain access to our catalog of manufacturer direct solar panels. We have an exclusive relationship with the top American solar manufacturer, and are able to pass on the price savings of manufacturer direct solar panels to your company. Contact us today to learn more about becoming and authorized dealer to receive pricing information.

American Made Solar Panels

Global photovoltaic demand has increasingly soared over the last few years, and thus far 2011 is currently projected to have over double the rate of installations as last year according to many global solar marketing research companies. We offer the best prices on the highest quality American made solar panels and photovoltaic systems on the market. Increase the profitability and quality of your installation or retail business with American made solar panels.

Solar Panel Distributor

When looking for a solar panel distributor, you must consider a few important factors: Quality, Price, Shipping Time, and Warranty. We offer the highest quality solar panels at the absolute lowest prices. Items ship from our facility in California, not from an overseas solar panel distributor. All of our products come backed with a 25 year warranty to guarantee you peace of mind. Let us show you why we are rated as the nation's top solar panel distributor.

Wholesale Solar Panel Pricing

Register with our company to receive wholesale solar panel pricing. We strive to not only offer you the highest quality photovoltaic systems in the industry, but at the most affordable prices. You must be a licensed retailer or installer to be eligible for wholesale solar panel pricing. Contact us today to determine your eligibility. Tiered wholesale solar panel pricing will be dependent upon order volume.

Wholesale Solar Panels

wholesale solar panels

American Solar is one of the nation's top solar panel distributors offering wholesale solar panels to licensed retailers and installers. In our decades of experience in the field of solar energy, we have tested virtually every PV module, controller, inverter, mounting system, battery and system component available on the market. We offer only the highest-performing, wholesale solar panels available, at prices so low we can't advertise them on the website. Call 949-29-SOLAR.

PV Modules and Systems

A photovoltaic module converts light energy into electricity. A photovoltaic module is the basic element of each solar energy system. It consists of a large number of connected solar cells. The majority of commercial crystalline PV modules consist of 36 or 72 cells. Solar cells are connected with thin contacts on the top side of the semiconductor material, which looks somewhat like a metal net on the solar cells. These must be as thin as possible to allow a completely disturbance free photon stream. We offer only the highest quality PV modules.

25 Year Product Warranty

Give your customers peace of mind with our industry leading 25 year warranty on PV modules! For a period of up to 25 years, our products are covered under a complete replacement or refund warranty policy if the equipment exhibits less than 80% of the minimum power output specified at the the time of purchase.

Our American made PV modules are also covered under a 12 year warranty if the equipment generates less than 90% of the original minimum power rating specified. Don't put your trust in other companies solar products without the assurance of a comprehensive warranty. Eliminate potential future liabilities and contact us today!