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American Solar Product Line

American Solar excels in quality due to our fully automated production lines, integration of the latest and highest quality solar cells, and materials complying to the highest industry standards. American Solar provides a complete set of Poly and Mono-crystalline PV modules ranging from 10W to 290w. We have panels and solutions designed for every need, from residential to the largest commercial solar farms. All of our solar panels are put through extreme testing procedures and have qualified for even the most severe of weather conditions. Given our manufacturing capability, we have the capacity to fulfill any custom need. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.

PV Modules

american solar panels

American Solar PV Panels are proven to generate more energy per square meter, avoid the effects of any partial shading, and have a completely weatherproof junction box for uninhibited operation in wet weather or for marine applications.

To further increase our solar panels weather resilience, the use of white tempered glass, EVA resin, weatherproof film and an anodized aluminium frame makes our products at the top of the durability charts. Our design quality and ISO9001:2000 manufacturing standards compliance proves our panels are built to last.

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PV Inverters

american solar panel inverters

We couple our PV Modules with some of the most advanced inverters available in the world using the latest MPPT technology to provide higher conversion efficiencies.

American Solar PV Inverters are an ideal fit for both residential, and small to medium sized commercial applications. These inverters are certified for use in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Our inverters are shipped with lockable DC isolators for added convenience to the installer.

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PV Mounting

american solar panel mounting

Our Pyrois mounting rack systems are simple to install yet powerful enough to withstand cyclones and hurricanes of the USA's Southeast. The Pyrois system has been extensively tested and certified for use in these regions.

All of our PV mounting systems are made out of high grade aluminium and stainless steel that will ensure reliable use for many years to come. No matter the application, we have a mounting system to fit your needs.

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